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"GASTRIC BAND" Hypnotherapy


weight lossGastric Band Hypnotherapy is a widely used technique for weight reduction. It persuades a client that a gastric band has been applied to the stomach during a trance state induced by hypnotherapy, reducing the stomach to the size of a golf ball.  It uses a combination of Analytical & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP to change a client's eating habits forever.  Gaynor's technique differs from most others available today in that, during the first session, she uses analytical hypnotherapy to identify the underlying psychological reason for the over eating, and the associated loss of self esteem.

"The term weight 'loss' is telling" says Gaynor, "because we are programmed from a very early age to find something we lose.  Remember losing your favourite toy as a child.  You had to find it, didn't you?  So when you lose weight, your sub-conscious mind tries to "find" it again. Not to mention that we were encouraged to eat every scrap of food on our plate. There is usually a psychological reason for weight gain, and diets do not address this part of the problem.  Gastric Band Hypnotherapy addresses all the issues and that is why it is so successful."

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is suitable for everyone, irrespective of size, age, shape, physical ability or gender. There has been a good deal of press coverage of this technique recently with real case studies, demonstrating the success.  Even the NHS has become involved with a GP's practice testing this technique on patients.  

In order to benefit from Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, you need to commit to four sessions over 4 weeks, as follows:

Session One: Analysis of the underlying problem, application of the gastric band, choosing the Right Road

Session Two: Craving Buster, adjustment of the band, sleep exercise, healthy eating

Session Three: Aversion Therapy, adjustment of the band, reinforcement of sleep exercise, fat burning, portion control

Session Four: Reinforcement of all previous work, ego strengthening, the future

Homework, handouts and CDs are all provided as part of the programme to enhance the work done in session, and to ensure continued success

It is a comprehensive programme designed to change your attitude to food, get rid of excess weight and improve your health.  Gaynor offers this treatment on an individual or small group basis and regularly holds group programmes locally.

Gaynor has been practicing this technique for some time now with impressive results.  She has even undergone the technique herself and has shed weight without any effort at all.


In the UK now 27% of people are either overweight or obese.  In America, the problem is worse, with some states reporting obesity rates of 50%.  The UK is not far behind.  The NHS is overburdened with the consequences of obesity.  People who are obese are more likely to suffer from co-morbidities (additional health problems resulting from obesity) such as type II diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis, breathing problems, sleep apnoea, and some cancers.  Obesity costs the NHS more than the effects of smoking nowadays. 


All diets fail - fact:

Low fat does not = low sugar and the body converts excess sugar to ..... FAT

A survey of slimmers carried out by Virgin Money in the UK revealed that it costs, on average, £148 to lose half a kilo of excess fat

75% of American women are dissatisfied with their appearance

Between 90% and 99% of reducing diets fail to produce permanent weight loss

Two-thirds of dieters regain the weight within one year. Virtually all regain it within 5 year

98% of all diets fail by the end of year 2

30% of people on a diet actually gain weight

Diets create a sense of failure because of an all or nothing mentality

Repeatedly losing and gaining weight is linked to increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, stroke, impaired auto immune response and diabetes

Virtually all programmes appear to be able to demonstrate moderate success in promoting at least some short term weight loss… there is virtually no evidence that clinically significant weight loss can be maintained over the long term by the vast majority of people

Surgical Gastric Band

 An average gastric band operation costs between £5,000 and £9,000 and, although available on the NHS, there are strict criteria for such operations.  In addition, there are many risks and a range of post-operative complications, which over 80% of patients reported experiencing:

Photo by Salim Fadhley -

Nausea and vomiting (50%)

Reflux or regurgitation of food (35%)

Slipped band (25%)

Obstruction or blockage (15%)



Difficulty swallowing

In extreme cases, when problem persist, the band may need to be removed

None of these complications are apparent with a hypnotherapeutic Gastric Band.  There are no risks from anaesthesia, no scarring, no discomfort, no time off work, no complications, and virtual gastric bands are far more cost-effective

Other Methods

Other methods of losing weight include exercise, which may not be suitable for everyone, especially in a gym environment where equipment is designed for smaller people.  Many obese people lack the confidence to join an exercise class, a club, or participate in organised physical activities. Nutritionists are few and far between, but they can offer good advice and analyse what/how a person eats. Meal replacements are often high in sugar which the body easily converts into fat when consumed in excess quantities.

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